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Our professional and leadership development sessions are adult-learning focused with interactive learning experiences, videos, role-play, and individual reflection, and utilize small and large group discussions as a way to engage participants in courageous and challenging dialogue. Together we co-create and maintain what the Center for Ethical Leadership calls "Gracious Space -- a spirit and setting where we invite the stranger and learn in public”. Gracious Space addresses the fundamental human and organizational needs to establish trust, and to foster collaboration, meaning, and sustainable change and responsibility.

We are all in different places in our individual and collective journeys towards advancing racial equity, and we celebrate and meet one another where we are and progress forward together. No matter where we are in our leadership for racial equity journey, each one of us has the responsibility to learn how to improve our knowledge, skills, competencies and actions to advance racial equity in the context of our professional leadership practice. When people feel validated in what they bring to this crucial process, they are more willing to take initiative and calculated risks in integrating and applying what we offer to the framework of racial equity in their everyday work.

Our professional and leadership development sessions are customizable and uniquely designed in partnership with you. We provide sessions for staff at all levels within your organization, including frontline staff, managers, and leadership. Please see the FAQ section at the bottom for more information and don't hesitate to reach out to see how we can work with you to promote healing, liberation, racial equity, and structural transformation at your institution.

Professional & Leadership Development OFFERINGS

Healing, Liberation, and Racial Equity starts within each of us.


Implicit bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. In this interactive workshop, participants will deeply examine how race and other characteristics influence the way we treat each other.


A common organizational challenge is the gap between visionary aspirations and demanding environmental realities. Adaptive leadership is designed to narrow this gap by distinguishing what is precious and essential in your organization from what is expendable.

Stereotypes, Stereotype Threat, Internalized Racial Oppression, & Internalized Superiority

In this workshop, you will discover how stereotypes inhibit our ability to see one another as fully human. Using evidence-based practices and experiential exercises, you will explore ways to interrupt stereotypes and their impacts, and make progress on a path toward personal and collective liberation.


In this interactive session, participants will practice cultural responsiveness by beginning with self-reflection. Participants will be introduced to neuroscience and cultural frames of reference that will enable them to understand and use the intersection of race, culture, and the brain.

Talking to Children about Race and Social Justice

As adults we are taught to avoid talking about race, including with our children. When we are intentional about teaching our children about race, we can positively impact the ways they see, categorize, and make meaning about ethnically and linguistically diverse people.

Systematization of Racial Equity, Policy Development, & Implementation

There is a growing recognition of the importance of racial equity in our social consciousness. In this workshop, we will support you in developing a thorough analysis about what equity is and how to prioritize it in a consistent, coherent, and systemic manner.

Examining the Historical Building Blocks of Race, Class, and Resistance

The intentional and consistent building blocks of racism and classism in the U.S. have constructed and maintained the inequitable status quo of our society. As participants delve into these building blocks, they will be asked to make both personal connections and connections to the ethnic/racial/cultural group to which they belong.

Addressing the Gifts and Needs of our Latinx Community

The current socio-political climate heightens the uncertain future, documented or not, of our Latinx population. Join us in exploring and learning what we can do to bring to fruition the promise and brilliance of Latinx children, families, and communities.

Culturally Sustaining Curriculum Development

In this session, we will work with members of your company to build their capacity to more deeply understand your racial equity vision, mission, and core principles. Participants will learn how to develop curriculum for racial equity trainings to be delivered within your organization.

Professional Development FAQ's

Who are these sessions for?

The above professional development sessions are available to nonprofits, government entities, for profit companies, educational institutions and associations, and any organizations that are looking to build internal capacity in these areas and beyond. We support organizational development within all levels of organizations, from frontline staff to leadership and executive teams.

What if we want to customize the workshop?

We do, too! We truly believe that this work is best done in partnership with one another. All of our workshops will be uniquely designed in partnership with you to meet the unique goals and needs of your organization. If you don't see what you're looking for above, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss creating a custom session for your organization.

How long is each workshop?

Each workshop is available as either a half day (4 hrs) or full day (8 hrs) session.

How much do they cost and how can I schedule a session?

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to connecting with you!

Do you have workshops available to the general public?

Yes! We have a number of workshops available to the community. Please check out our Public Workshops page for more information.






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