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Systematization of Racial Equity, Policy Development, & Implementation

There is a growing recognition of the importance of racial equity in our social consciousness. Many agencies and organizations are beginning to situate racial equity as a central goal for strategic objectives and programming. In this workshop, we will support you in developing a thorough analysis of what equity is and how to prioritize it in a consistent, coherent, and systemic manner.


You will discover how adopting racial equity as a guiding organizational principle requires creating and implementing a comprehensive racial equity policy, as well as practices and procedures that highlight your organization’s specific areas of growth and the ways in which you remain accountable. Come to this workshop ready to roll up your sleeves, get messy, and start creating genuine systemic change.

At this WORKSHOP, participants will:

  • Enhance their understanding of systemic racial equity

  • Learn about racial equity policy development, implementation, and accountability

  • Explore institutional and structural racism within their own organizations by conducting formal and informal assessments of where their organization is in the anti-racist development continuum

  • Build team rapport and gain tools to improve their professional practice

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