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Family Reunion
Addressing the Gifts and Needs of our Latinx Community

Come explore with us how to maximize the gifts and perspectives that Latinx students and families bring into the schoolhouse. One third of the nation’s Latinx population is younger than 18, and the graduation rate for this fast-growing population is 67%.


In this workshop, we will look at Latinx American Identity Development, the effect of immigration on family structure, the reality of stereotype threat in the academic setting, and how to create spaces that are affirming for the families and communities of our Latinx students.


The current socio-political climate heightens the uncertain future, documented or not, of our Latinx population. Join us in exploring and learning what we can do to bring to fruition the promise and brilliance of Latinx children, families, and communities.

At this WORKSHOP, participants will:

  • Use data, media, and political analyses to understand the challenges and barriers that Latinx students and their families face in today’s United States

  • Celebrate the rich cultural perspectives of Latinx students and their families through exploration of art and literature

  • Learn about Latinx American Identity Development theory and apply it to schools, classrooms, and students in participants’ communities

  • Gain strategies for creating affirming spaces for Latinx students and their families within academic settings

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