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Stereotypes, Stereotype Threat, Internalized Racial Oppression, & Internalized Superiority

Shelly Harrell, Ph.D., states, “A stereotype does not necessarily disappear from consciousness when it is successfully challenged. However, it does lose its “power” to influence feelings, attitudes, and behaviors so automatically.” 

In this workshop, you will discover how stereotypes inhibit our ability to see one another as fully human, thus thwarting our capacity for authentic relationship. Although stereotypes are often unconscious, they influence so much of how we think, feel, and interact with others. And, if left unexamined, they can cause tremendous harm in our communities. Using evidence-based practices and experiential exercises, you will explore ways to interrupt stereotypes and their impacts, and make progress on a path toward personal and collective liberation. 

At this WORKSHOP, participants will:

  • Define and critically analyze stereotypes, stereotype threat, internalized racial oppression, and internalized racial superiority

  • Examine individual beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that reinforce internalized racism and internalized superiority

  • Develop strategies for interrupting internalized superiority, internalized racism, and stereotypes in the pursuit of racial equity and social justice 

  • Collaborate with other participants to create systems of accountability for moving forward

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