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Team Meeting
The Practice of Culturally Sustaining Adaptive Leadership

“Adaptive leadership is the practice of mobilizing people to successfully tackle tough challenges and thrive.”

– Ronald Heifitz, The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

New environments demand new strategies, abilities, and leadership styles to inspire and mobilize teams. A common organizational challenge is the gap between visionary aspirations and demanding environmental realities. Adaptive leadership is designed to narrow this gap by distinguishing what is precious and essential in your organization from what is expendable. The process of adaptive work is deep and slow; it means re-fashioning loyalties and developing new competencies, and often involves feelings of loss. However, through this loss a new opportunity is generated for your organization to grow and thrive within changing environmental contexts.

At this WORKSHOP, participants will:

  • Define and understand Culturally Sustaining Adaptive Leadership

  • Distinguish between technical and adaptive challenges to advance racial equity and social justice

  • Distinguish between transactional and transformative racially equitable leadership practices

  • Apply new understandings of Adaptive Leadership to your own organizational systems, structures, and culture

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