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Brain Scans

Everything that we have experienced in our lives shapes who we are and how we show up each day. In our world, with its rapidly changing demographics, it is increasingly critical to be culturally responsive in our classrooms, organizations, and communities. In this interactive session, participants will practice cultural responsiveness by beginning with self-reflection.


In order to fully comprehend all of what we bring into the classroom, we must examine our own attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors and understand how intersections of race and culture impact our brains. Participants will be introduced to neuroscience and cultural frames of reference that will enable them to use the intersection of race, culture, and the brain in the most advantageous manner to positively impact student achievement. 

At this WORKSHOP, participants will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the necessity of ongoing self-reflection and awareness to uncover assumptions, biases, and prejudice

  • Enhance knowledge of how race, culture, and the brain impact interactions with students in the classroom and with people in the community 

  • Develop a critical lens on pedagogy and curriculum

  • Learn and practice strategies that will positively enhance their professional practice and interactions with students in their classrooms

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