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Curriculum Development & Planning

We support organizations in creating the necessary foundations to build internal capacity to advance racial equity and social justice themselves by developing curriculum designed to meet their specific needs.

No matter where organizations are in their journey, each leader and person within our organizations has the responsibility to learn how to improve their knowledge, skills, competencies, and actions to advance racial equity and social justice. When people feel validated in what they bring to this crucial process, they are more willing to take the initiative in integrating and applying a racial equity framework to their everyday work, thus bringing racial equity and social justice alive. 

The more leadership and staff deepen their awareness of self, knowledge of themselves and others, systems thinking, adaptive leadership, and systems transformation, the better equipped they are to skillfully and respectfully engage across cultures and lead their organizations in establishing a culture of respect, improving services to the community, strengthening collaboration, increasing equity, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment, and dismantling institutional racism.


With the skills gained from the curriculum we develop, leaders and staff in organizations can more efficiently advance racial equity, more deeply explore intersectionality as well as other areas of power, privilege, and oppression (i.e., gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, ability, language, age, citizenship, homelessness), and better understand and be aware of their impact on self and others.

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