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Speaking Engagements

As a multicultural, multiethnic team, our goal is to honor, value, and dignify the humanity of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to create a world centered around racial equity and social justice. We have spoken to thousands of people nationally and internationally in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua. and Colombia.

Our ethnically and linguistically diverse team is available for:

Keynote Addresses

Corporate Events


School Assemblies

Podcast Interviews


TV Interviews

Radio Interviews

Examples of topics we cover include:

Creating Your Path to Advancing Racial Equity

Developing Organizations and Institutions of Belonging

Through the Eyes of Humanity, We See Ourselves

Resiliency and Healing for People of Color

Youth/Student Activism

Discovering Your Why

Racism and Class

Developing Courageous and Gracious Spaces for Belonging

Culturally Sustaining Leadership

Developing the Best Version of Ourselves

Structuring Belonging

Racial Bias and Structural Oppression

Healing and Liberation Practices

Advancing Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Developing Relationships and Leadership for Racial Equity

Success is a Journey

Adaptive Leadership for Racial Equity

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