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Culturally Sustaining Curriculum Development

In this session, we will work with members of your company to build their capacity to more deeply understand your company’s racial equity vision, mission, and core principles and how structural and systemic barriers to racial equity can be dismantled. Participants will learn how to develop curriculum for racial equity trainings to be delivered by staff within an organization, school district, or company equity team. All trainings created by our Curriculum Director are experiential and use national best practices in adult learning principles.

This training includes individual self-reflection to examine one’s own racial equity lens in order to be able to facilitate deep, courageous conversations about race and social justice.  The curriculum development focuses on building a common vocabulary around this work and exploring implicit as well as cultural bias to create explicit actions to counteract it organizationally. Also, this curriculum development focuses on national best practices to dismantle marginalizing, oppressive, and discriminatory practices within institutions.

Participants will learn how to develop professional development sessions and trainings by gathering real case studies that will be used in their training to ensure relevance to their work. Developing curriculum that uses case studies supports participants’ learning by analyzing situations that are focused on strengthening racial equity in the context of their work.

This training delves into the practice of culturally sustaining adaptive leadership for organizational transformation. Participants will use real-life examples of technical and adaptive challenges.

At this WORKSHOP, participants will:

  • Learn adult learning national best practices and principles to develop engaging and experiential curriculum

  • Gain knowledge of how to develop curriculum for racial equity and culturally sustaining professional development

  • Develop iterative lesson plans that support the organization and institution to build internal capacity to advance racial equity and social justice

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