Organizational Development & Assessment

Our organizational development and assessment services include strategic planning, policy development, environmental scans, and data analysis. We utilize theories of organizational reframing and structural transformation.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching philosophy is based on strategic thinking, self-care, and social justice. At Racing to Equity, we believe all humans are capable of developing our intellectual, emotional, and creative capacities at any age.

Curriculum Development & Planning

We support organizations in creating the necessary foundations to build internal capacity to advance racial equity and social justice themselves by developing curriculum designed to meet your specific needs and learning goals. 

Human Resource Redesign

We partner with HR leaders to ensure that BIPOC and other targeted groups who have been discriminated against during recruitment, hiring & retention processes are provided with the access and supports they need to excel within their organizations.

Speaking Engagements

Our ethnically and linguistically diverse team is available for all types of speaking engagements, from keynote addresses and lectures to podcasts and radio interviews. We cover a variety of topics related to racial equity and social justice. 





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