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R2E’s mission is to catalyze communities, government, and other institutions to dismantle structural racial inequity and create equitable outcomes for all. We design and apply tools and strategies to dismantle structural racial inequity, in order to achieve racial equity.

Our Work

Racing to Equity Consulting Group supports individuals and institutions of all kinds to center racial equity, healing, liberation, and structural transformation in their personal and professional lives. Current and past partnerships have included working with community-based organizations, advocacy coalitions, local government agencies, philanthropic groups, and many more. Our multicultural team brings more than 40 years of combined experience in leading and facilitating systems transformation, professional development, and capacity building, all while centering adaptive leadership for racial equity.


Our work is rooted in our values and foundational beliefs. We value integrity, adaptability, accountability, excellence, community, and justice. We firmly believe that racial equity work is about healing and liberation for all people and that we all have a collective responsibility to change the status quo. Our approach builds on the belief that strong relationships are foundational to advancing racial equity.


To this end, we engage clients and partners in a way that encourages and inspires them to explore dynamics of difference while challenging them to grow in their awareness of self, adaptive leadership, and knowledge of others. We help leaders and organizations make meaningful personal connections to structural inequity in order to dismantle it and replace it with newly developed systems that ensure systemic and sustainable racial equity and social justice.

We are all in different places in our individual and collective journey towards advancing racial equity, and we celebrate and meet one another where we are and progress forward together. No matter where we are in our leadership for racial equity journey, each one of us has the responsibility to learn how to improve our knowledge, skills, competencies, and actions to advance racial equity in the context of our professional leadership practice.

We support organizations in their racial equity journey through a variety of methods, including our Transformational Leadership for Racial Equity Institute (TLRE Institute), Organizational Development & Assessment, Executive Coaching, Curriculum Development & Planning, HR Redesign, Speaking Engagements, Professional & Leadership Development sessions,

Public Workshops, and recorded E-Learnings.


We look forward to working with you towards creating a world based on principles of racial equity and social justice where every human being is honored, valued, and dignified and where race no longer determines one’s life outcomes.

Racing to Equity Testimonials


Adrianne Wagner Vice President Everett Clinic

Bernardo and Tami have played an instrumental role in helping me develop my Equity LASIK (Bernardo’s abundantly accurate description of the understanding and tools necessary for dismantling the systems of oppression that hold inequity in place—because while you can take lenses off, LASIK is a permanent change of how you see the world, one of great clarity).  After spending months with them in an immersive Leadership for Racial Equity Cohort they co-led, I consider them both near and dear to my heart.  My experiences with them have shaped my personal and professional growth and healing and have inspired me to continue to challenge others to find their own discomfort and understanding.  Even after the cohort ended last year (2019), I have stayed in touch with them and look forward to a future partnership with Racing to Equity to continue advancing racial equity and social justice!

— Adrianne Wagner

 Vice President

 Everett Clinic


Our Clients


city of Auburn Washington
King County

King County Health Care for the Homeless Network

King County Public Health

Monroe Black and Latinx Prisoners Caucus

Monroe Diversity Council

City of seattle
Seattle Public Utilities
Snohomish County Washington

Snohomish County Human Services



Child Care Resources Giving every child a great start
Choose 180
Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County
Everett Housing Authority
Leadership Snohomish County
Mary's Place no one child should sleep outside

North County Community Collarborative

Nors North Olympic Library System
Reach Forging trust
Sherwood Believing In Abilities
SNO-ISLE Libraries
Solid Ground Building communities to end poverty


Bellevue School District
Denver Public School Discover a world of opportunities
Edmonds School District
Highline Public Schools
Issaquah School Districk 411
mukilteo school district





Snohomish School District
The university of Washington Dream Project
Office of minority affairs & diversity
School of public health university of washington
UW libraries.png
School of social work University of washington
WEA washignton education association
Western Washignton University Makes waves


Aduro Consulting
Qcash Financial


Community foundation of snohomish county
United Way of Snohomish County


The Everett Clinic Part of Optum
Evergreen Treatment Service
The Polyclinic Where you come first


Acumen Changing the way the world tackles Poverty
Courage & Renewal
SEP Secretaria De Education Publica
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